KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer

"Thanks Karina for an unobtrusive, fun approach, a rarity."
Shelagh Fogarty, BBC Radio 5 Live

Hello! I’m Karina – a creative photographer based in Nottingham with a penchant for good music, Paul Newman films and a lovely cup of tea. I dream of exploring the Mojave Desert, experiencing ‘Hygge’ in Copenhagen and capturing adventures with a Polaroid camera.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorothea Lange

The concept of freezing time gives me an incredible buzz - I really do have the best job ever. Photography is a portal to the past, where I can see my grandparents on their wedding day over sixty years ago. In an instant I can be transported back to my favourite concert, day out or holiday, bringing back all of those wonderful memories. It’s a medium that communicates, shocks, educates, loves, sells, transports and connects, across cities, countries and continents. I’m so proud to be a part of it.

I work with coaches, creatives and consultants to develop their personal brand, to work out what it is that makes them tick, where they're going on their business journey, the stories they'd like to tell and who it is they're looking to connect with. We weave all of these threads together in a glorious photo-shoot that's full of fun and flavour, allowing them to march on with a pocket full of empowering photographs that celebrate themselves in all their authentic glory.

I love collaborating with people on all sorts of exciting ideas and ventures and I'd love to work with you!

"Working with Karina has changed my business for the better, has boosted my brand and given me so much more confidence in my offerings and self worth. With such attention to detail, patience and thorough understanding of the story your clients want to share, you make every step a breeze; from first contact to organising outfits and props, accessing the images online and in great time to meet my deadlines with fantastic communication at every stage of the process. It’s a pleasure to work with you!"
- Amy

A little more about me...

1.  As a child, the only thing I wanted to photograph were fishing boats.  For me, there's a real magic about them and they still hold a special place in my heart.

2.  There's a very real chance that I am currently drinking tea.

3.  I also LOVE to photograph music. Days spent surrounded by music makes it feel like I'm plugging into the mains; the energy and the enjoyment, it's just incredible. You can see a selection of my music work here.

4.  Life skills include knowing the entire script of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

5.  My karaoke song of choice?  Pretty much anything by Shania Twain and I'm good to go!

My precious lion-dog channelling her inner Mufasa on Gummer's How which may as well be Pride Rock.

I assure you I was more pleased to graduate than it looks. Mortar boards and fringes do not mix!

One of my favourite views - the top of Goat Fell, 2866ft up.

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