12 autumn photo ideas for social media

“I am such an autumn person. Give me a quiet, cosy spot with a simple view of gorgeous trees with colourful leaves on a September day, fuzzy socks, a warm drink, and a good book and I will be in all my glory.” - McKenna Kaelin

The clue really is in my hair colour, I’m an autumn girl through and through. I’m excited for crunchy golden leaves, pumpkins, misty mornings, cosy nights in, hot chocolates, chunky knit jumpers, scarves, cinnamon, giant mugs of tea, candles, getting comfortable with a brilliant book, all of the boots, a good coat, butternut squash, the return of Strictly….

So, can I help make planning and creating your social media content for autumn easier? 

Whether, like me, your brand has an ‘autumn’ seasonal personality, or you just want to create a cosy feel across your social platforms, I’m sharing more ideas than you can shake a stick at to help spread a little autumn glow.

So let’s get started…

1. Pumpkins - it’s obvious! Big or small, orange or white, a pumpkin in any shape, size or colour, will bring all the autumnal vibes you could wish for! Arrange little pumpkins on a plain background for a stylish and simple flatlay, or position bigger pumpkins by your front door for more of a lifestyle type shot.

2. Autumn leaves - is there anything more magical than the ever-changing colours of leaves? From yellows and golds, to burnt oranges, rich reds, and finally, crispy browns. Look up at a tree canopy to get a sense of space and wonder, go in close to capture the detail, or, for a personal / human touch, capture yourself kicking through them with your feet, or throwing them up in the air with your hands.

3. Books - one of my favourite things to do on an autumnal evening is to get cosy with a good book and a cup of tea. You could photograph a whole pile of books to share what you’re reading this season. Or, you could keep it lowkey with just one book open next to a steaming hot drink for the ultimate in ‘quiet night in’ vibes.

4. Hot drinks - speaking of steaming hot drinks! Gone are the glasses of juice, say hello to oversized mugs filled with hot tea / luxurious coffee / delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows / or, the ultimate autumnal drink, anything with cinnamon!!

5. Open fires - whether it’s a fire crackling away in an open hearth, or a cosy campfire as you cling onto the last vestiges of summer evenings, tame flames bring a sense of warmth, comfort and cosiness that’s synonymous with the season.

6. Autumnal harvest foods - crisp apples, runner beans, onions - try arranging them on a rustic wooden floor or table, or spilling out of a hessian bag.

7. Blankets / scarves / cosy jumpers - if you’re intending to go live or post any selfies in this season, think about wearing a cosy jumper, or, if you’re broadcasting while out and about, perhaps a chunky scarf. For a more ‘lifestyle’ image, think about piles of cosy blankets, or perhaps a blanket over the arm of a sofa with a hot drink on the table or a crackling fire in the background (combine 3 photo ideas in one go!)

8. Stepping outdoors - boots or wellington boots by the door hints at misty autumnal walks amid crunchy leaves.

9. Old brick walls - walls make brilliant backgrounds for selfies, Stories or Lives. In this season, think about using an old brick wall to lend a rich, earthy element to your social platforms.

10. Pine cones and conkers - another really easy way to bring little pieces of autumn into your content. Try placing them next to an open notebook and pen and a mug of tea.

11. Piles of logs - Fill the picture with the repetitive pattern of the logs for something abstract, or use the self-timer function on your phone to put yourself in the frame (if it’s safe!). 

12. Old architecture / doorways / keys etc. - autumn is all about comfort and rustic charm, and there’s something about classic architecture, big doorways, old keys, brass door knockers and letterboxes that feels reliable and practical which are traits of the autumnal seasonal personality.

And there you have it! 12 ideas to bring some cosy autumnal vibes to your social media content this season. To take it to the next level, try using filters (carefully!) that create more warmth and richness in your images - darkening the image slightly and enhancing the green and orange tones.

Which will you try first? I’d love to see your autumnal photos, tag me on Instagram @karinalyburnphoto so I can cheerlead and champion you all the way to creating beautiful social content that builds your brand.

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