KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer


  1. Three top tips for taking your own summer branding photos!

    31 Jul 2019
    With summer holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about social media content and the photos you can take on your travels (especially if your brand has a summery style and personality). It’s time to make the most of long days, good light, all…

  2. 10 Things I’m Loving Right Now: June 2019

    20 Jun 2019
    It’s been a while since I shared some of the things that are currently inspiring me. Whether it’s people, books, music, TED talks, it’s all here! I hope some of them inspire you too. 1. A couple of weeks ago I went to see Mary Portas in conversation as part of her ‘Work Like A

  3. Let’s talk about: COMPETITION

    29 Apr 2019
    “But what if you’re just inspiring and priming the next generation of competitors?” she asked, after I told her about my part time lecturing position. It’s a valid point. It’s all too easy when you’ve worked hard for success to want to sit on top of your cloud like a…

  4. Why business and pleasure DO go together

    27 Mar 2019
    MARKETING BOMBSHELL #1: Business and pleasure DO go together When people feel attached to you and not just your business, that’s super powerful. People are buying from YOU – not because you’re the only person on the internet selling what it is you do, but because you’re you. So, the…

  5. Let’s talk about: SUCCESS

    27 Feb 2019
    Can we talk about success for a minute? What does success mean to you? Success is a funny old word isn’t it? It’s a word that can make us feel elated, excited, motivated, or it can make us feel awkward, boastful, and sometimes even unworthy. When we’re busy dreaming big…

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