Hey there, super talented and inspirational entrepreneur, I see you!

I can see you working hard, creating your vision, dreaming big dreams, and blazing your trail. You're here to make an impact, to design a life and business that you love and are proud of, and to inspire others along the way.

You went into business because you felt called to do something, to make a difference to people’s lives. You went into business because you had a burning desire to create, help, design, coach, teach, guide, share, uplift, write, and to live the fullest and greatest version of yourself.

And I know that there's a whole world out there which wants what you have to offer.

Let's work together to tell your story...

George: "Well you know, one doesn't want to blow one's own trumpet."

Blackadder: "You might at least have told us you had a trumpet."

I get it. Putting yourself at the forefront of your business can be scary, but it can also be the most powerful thing you can do. My job is to challenge, cheerlead, champion and collaborate with you to create beautiful, empowering photographs that celebrate your unique story and will...

  • Help create a consistent experience of your brand with a suite of aspirational images for your website, social media platforms and all your marketing and PR needs.
  • Let your dream clients know who you are and how it would feel to work with you before they've even spoken to you.
  • Enable you to share more confidently on social media without tying yourself up in knots over how to illustrate your brilliant content.
  • Help you flourish in front of the camera with my support and top tips!

I've been collaborating with barnstorming entrepreneurs for over 8 years, from IT specialists to immigration lawyers, coaches to cross-stitchers, and everything in between! It's a privilege to join them on their journey and help them tell their story with beautiful imagery.