12 spring photo ideas for social media

🌼 Can I make creating spring social media content easier for you? 🌼

Spring keeps teasing us that it’s not far away. With the changing seasons, the clocks springing forward and the light at the end of the tunnel as we finally make our way out of this lockdown, it’s the perfect time to breathe some new life into your social media feeds.

Whether you see your brand as having a ‘spring’ personality or you just want to share some spring qualities I’ve got ideas a-plenty for photos you can take with your phone to help create a spring vibe.

So let’s get started…

1. Spring flowers / blossom - nothing says spring like the pastel colours of blooming spring flowers and beautiful blossom

2. Pale blue skies and white fluffy clouds - great for creating a sense of space within your social media platforms, ‘blue sky thinking’ and freedom. To really kick it up a notch, try reflecting skies in water!

3. Pastel-coloured macarons or party ring biscuits - colourful food brings a sense of fun to social feeds and spring is all about joy and positivity. (PS. Combining flowers and food is the ultimate in spring vibes!)

4. Fruits - peaches, lemons, limes and green apples - even just swapping your morning coffee for a glass of orange juice with your journal and pen would make a great photo for social media.

5. Ditsy patterns such as polka dots

6. Pastel coloured ribbons or other accessories

7. Eggs - chocolate or not!

8. Pale rosé wine in delicate glasses

9. Pastel coloured balloons - great for celebration photos, announcements, or just to recreate ‘Up’

10. Pale / neutral / pastel coloured walls - they make the perfect backgrounds for selfies, Stories or Lives! (Always remember to find walls in the shade if you’re intending to be in the photo for dreamy springlike light)

11. Pale herbal tea - weak green tea or lemon and ginger always works well for a delicate pop of colour in a cup or mug. To really get the spring vibes going, try using a delicate, minimalist cup and saucer.

12. White walls with greenery - again, great for backgrounds and they work beautifully on their own too

So there you have it! 12 simple ideas to put a spring in your social media step! For the ultimate spring vibe, try using filters (carefully!) that create a light, bright and airy effect. 

Which will you try first? I’d love to see your spring photos, tag me on Instagram @karinalyburnphoto so I can cheerlead you right back!

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