12 summer photo ideas for social media

☀️ Can I help make planning and creating your summer social media content easier? 🌴

Summer is upon us; these warm days and long, light evenings, feel so good. Now is a great time to start thinking about social media content (yes, it’s never too early) and the photos you can take over the next couple of months, no matter if you’re staying close to home, or travelling further afield. 

Whether your brand has a ‘summer’ personality, or you just want to share some summer vibes on your social platforms, I’ve got ideas a-plenty for photos you can take with your phone to help spread a little summer sunshine.

So let’s get started…

1. Sand - nothing says summer like the rich golden colours of the beach. Get creative with the patterns the sand makes, footprints along the shore, or write a message in the sand (perfect for an announcement in your business!), or try taking a photo of your feet in the sand - everyone can resonate with that feeling of sand between your toes, is there anything more summery?

2. The sea - like gin without the tonic, what’s the sand without the sea? Whether it’s pictures of the waves, or capturing the sunshine glistening on the surface of the water, the sea gives us such a sense of freedom and spaciousness. If you’re looking to add a human element, photograph your feet in the water (for the ultimate in summer vibes, make sure to include your trousers rolled up above the ankles!)

3. Outdoor swimming pools - as with photos of the sea, try capturing the sunshine glistening on the water and the rich turquoise colour. Again, for a more ‘personal’ photograph, try dipping your toes in!

4. Hats - a summer staple - pair a hat with sunglasses / your phone / a magazine / a camera / a journal and pen / or even your laptop (depending on whether you want more of a business or personal feel to the image) for a stock photo with a summer spin.

5. Golden hour sunsets - quiet, expansive, reflective, spacious, free - ‘golden hour’ is the time leading up to, and just after, the sunset. Capture beautiful colours and stunning clouds as the light changes with the setting sun. It’s also a magical time for taking portraits as the light is soft and super flattering on skin. Try experimenting with propping up your phone and using the self-timer function to create beautiful portraits that don’t look like selfies.

6. Deep blue skies with white clouds or plane trails - ideal for creating a sense of space and epitomising freedom or ‘blue sky thinking’.

7. White or brightly coloured balloons (especially contrasted against rich greenery or a blue sky) - perfect for creating a sense of fun and freedom, for business / personal announcements, and for celebration photos.

8. Fruits - the colours and textures of fruits can be so summery. Lemons, limes, blueberries, pineapples, halved oranges, grapefruits, or strawberries and cream! Having a green garnish keeps it fresh, and think about placing your culinary masterpiece on a distressed wooden surface for a real summer feel.

9. Colourful cocktails in beautiful glasses (extra points for a cocktail umbrella or fruit!)

10. Ice cream! Try holding your ice cream against a wall (either plain and neutral or strikingly colourful depending on your vibe), and taking a photo of your arm outstretched with the ice cream for a quirky and fun stock image for social media.

11. Summer blooms or strong and striking greenery (palms, cacti, monsteras, grasses) - keeping the overall colour palette light creates an airy and fresh feel. Try making use of white / pale walls, and play around with composition - keep some space to one side, above if it’s a tub or vase of flowers, or below if it’s a hanging basket (my favourite!).

12. White / distressed / neutral / brightly coloured walls - depending on your style and brand aesthetic, a good wall will always come in handy for social photos! They make the perfect backgrounds for selfies, Stories or Lives! (Again, try experimenting with the timer function and always remember to find walls in the shade if you’re intending to be in the photo for softer, more flattering light, alternatively try getting creative with shadows).

And voilà! 12 ideas to add some summer cheer to your social media content this season. To kick things up another notch, try using filters (carefully!) that create more warmth and contrast in your images - bleaching the whites and enhancing those orange tones so they glow.

Which will you try first? I’d love to see your summery photos, tag me on Instagram @karinalyburnphoto so I can cheerlead and champion you all the way to creating beautiful social content that builds your brand.

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