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2019 - how to reflect on and be inspired by this year ready for 2020!

And so 2019 almost draws to a close…

As we switch on our out of office replies, and switch off our laptops for a well-earned break, I’m taking some time to reflect on the year just gone, to have more clarity around my achievements, my successes, my ‘things-I-could-have-done-better’ and much, much more, so that I’m in a better position to start mapping out 2020 and designing a year full of excitement and opportunity.

2019 has been the most exciting, most interesting, most educational, most go, go, GO, most challenging, most rewarding, most emotional, most exhilarating year yet. It’s the year I started part-time lecturing, inspiring and being inspired by 25 wonderful third year photography students. It’s the year I finally launched my email newsletter and the year when I prioritised spending more time working ON my business as well as IN it. It’s also the year that I lost the most gentle gentleman in my life, my amazing grandpa.

Taking some time to reflect on the year just gone helps to put everything into perspective and allows you to move forwards and plan ahead more consciously.

This is an opportunity to celebrate your successes. All of them. Yes, even the tiny ones.  In fact, especially the tiny ones (some of your biggest life changes come from the tiniest of decisions, just ask Meg Ryan in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’). It’s so important to take the time to acknowledge when things have gone well for you; from something as small as posting an off-the-scale Instagram Story tutorial that garnered loads of engagement, to securing that next level dream client, and everything in between. Take a moment to doff your imaginary cap to yourself, you deserve it, my friend! Recognising your achievements uplifts you and reminds you of your ability and inner strength, so you’ll see 2020 coming up ahead and say, “BRING IT.

As well as the highs, there will be lows too. There will be for everyone, I guarantee it. But these aren’t failures (whoever said “you never fail, you either win or learn,” was right). Now’s the time to acknowledge any lowlights and reframe them into something you can learn from. Look for the positives - the unexpected good that came from it, the learning, the growth, the way you kept going in the face of adversity. It takes courage to look these things square in the face and say, “I see you, I’ve learned from you and now I’m moving on.”

One of the tools that I love using at this time of year is Melissa Kuan’s reflection questionnaire.  It’s full of questions like:

  • Things I did that I said I was going to do…
  • Things I DIDN’T do that I said I was going to do…
  • The 3 most defining moments of this year (and what did they teach me)?
  • What brought me joy?
  • What new things did I try and what was the outcome?
  • What do I know about myself today that I didn’t know a year ago?
  • I spent too much time on…
  • I didn’t spend enough time on…
  • I’m most proud of…
  • Next year I want to experience more…

Taking time to reflect and learn more about yourself and your business is such a great way to clear out anything that’s weighing you down and to get more clarity on what to take forwards with you into the new year and how you can build upon your learning to grow and truly flourish in 2020.

A new year, and a brand new decade is a the perfect opportunity to reset. Be thankful for what has been and get excited for what’s to come! Here’s to dreaming bigger, living louder and to your best year yet.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Big love, Karina. x

PS. I’d love to hear some of the things you’re most proud of achieving, or how your own review has gone this year.  Let me know on social media and I’ll champion you right back!

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