5 prop ideas for fabulously festive photos

Yes, it’s that time of year again! You might be knee-deep in creating Christmas content already but if you’re not sure where to start then I’ve got you covered with some super simple prop ideas to spread some festive cheer on your social channels.

1. Baubles - lay them out for a flatlay either on their own, or next to your laptop / notebook and pen / cup of tea / letterboard / quote card. When choosing your baubles think about your brand colour scheme and aesthetic. If you want to add a human element to the image, hold one out to camera with the bauble in focus and you out of focus.

2. Hot chocolates with ALL the trimmings! - cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles galore! It’s time to dust off your chunkiest ceramic mug and fill it with thick, luxurious hot chocolate. Pop it next to your laptop or/and notebook and pen, for a festive take on a classic social media stock photo that you can use for almost anything. Or again, if you want to make it more ‘human’, set your phone to self-timer and take a close-up photo of your hands round the mug.

3. Festive foods - candy canes, red berries, or the ultimate festive food, mince pies! Arrange candy canes next to a letterboard or quote card, on a white background to accompany a festive announcement. For something more human, take a bite out of a mince pie (I know, it’s a hard life!), pop it back on the plate next to your work setup and leave the crumbs!

4. Christmas tree branches / wreaths - is there anything more instantly festive than the greenery of a Christmas tree? Use a branch as a garnish for a social media flatlay. Or experiment taking photos of the wreath on your door (close-up / straight on / side on…) to make a festive statement.

5. Wrapped presents and wrapping trimmings - don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to have your Christmas wrapping done yet! Wrap up a few small boxes you have to hand (they can be boxes of tissues or teabags, no one needs to know!) for practically perfect present photos. Bear in mind your aesthetic - colours, style and values - and what you want to communicate (sparkles and sequins? Kraft paper and twine? Minimalist with luxurious velvet ribbons?). Keep it simple with one present surrounded by white space, or opt for more of a ‘behind the scenes’ feel with the paper, scissors, twine, labels and pens in shot too.

So there you have it! 5 festive ideas to help make very merry social media content! Which will you try first? I’d love to see your fabulously festive photos, tag me on Instagram @karinalyburnphoto so I can cheerlead and champion you all the way to creating beautiful social content that builds your brand.

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