5 reasons to hire a make-up artist for your personal branding shoot

Ladies!  How great do you feel on a GOOD hair and make-up day?  For me, it’s when my eyeliner’s spot on, I know I can take on the world!  When it comes to your personal branding shoot, I would always recommend hiring a professional make-up artist to get the most out of your photo shoot experience!  I’ve listed my top five reasons why a trained make-up artist is the way to go…

1). “Which is my good side!?”

A professional make-up artist will know how to highlight your best features (as well as how to tone down anything you’re maybe not quite so keen on).  They’ll know which products will work best for your skin, the perfect tones to suit you, and how to make sure your make-up stays flawless throughout the shoot. 

All the brush envy! Not that I’d know where to begin with a kit like that!

2). This ain’t no everyday make-up job!

We’re pretty good at doing our own make-up for the office or the school run, right?  When it comes to a professional photo shoot, it’s a totally different ball-game.  I perform in panto, and we get the pancake slapped on so that we don’t look like ghosts on stage!  Make-up for a photo shoot follows the same principle, except working with an MUA is much more tasteful and enjoyable!  A trained make-up artist will know how to get the balance right between a bit more make-up than your ‘everyday’ look, in order to accentuate your best features on camera (no clowns in here, please!).

3). Confidence!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you feel confident with how you look, it’ll shine through in your photographs.  I want you to feel super proud of yourself for taking the plunge and making yourself visible (it’s a big deal!), and I also want to be able to capture you at your best.  If you’re feeling like a real sparkly humdinger, it’ll make the process infinitely more enjoyable and you’ll get even more amazing photographs from your shoot experience! 

MUA: Caroline Kent

4). Frankie says RELAX!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m nervous or stressed about something, my make-up always looks worse!  Why is it never the other way round!?  So if you’re feeling nervous about your shoot (which is absolutely normal by the way), then it might be best to leave the liquid eyeliner to the professionals.  Having your make-up done professionally takes time, but taking that time and talking with the make-up artist will help put any nerves aside. 

5). The million dollar experience!

Your personal branding shoot is all about celebrating the very best of you and your business!  You deserve to feel like a million dollars in the process!  This is an opportunity to be seriously pampered and to enjoy it!

“I believe all women are pretty without make-up - but with the right make-up can be pretty powerful.” - Bobbi Brown

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