5 ways personal branding photography can boost your business

A personal brand is exactly that, personal, which means YOU have to be in there!  Having authentic images that are completely unique to you and tell your story, showing your clients who you are, who you work with and what it is that you do, creates a personal connection, makes you look more credible and is by far the best way to build that trust with your ideal client.  They’re more likely to invest in you, and in turn, more likely to invest in your business.

But us Brits don’t naturally shout about ourselves, so how can you share images of yourself in a way that feels authentic without overdoing it and feeling like you’re selling your soul?  I get it.

Having your own bespoke imagery is such an incredible asset to have in the bank; whether it’s having pictures ready for your next flash of Instagram inspiration, or to reach out more personally to people on your email list, there are so many ways you can utilise your photographs.  I wanted to share just a few methods with you to help you make sure you’re really making the most of your investment and your images.

Pepper your website with b-e-a-utiful photographs

Our buying decisions are based on how much we know, like and trust a brand.  There’s a really scary statistic about how it only takes us 1.5 seconds to judge a website.  This means that your ideal client is making a snap decision about you and your business before they’ve even spoken to you.  The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does text (I know, mind. blown. right?).  When your website is personalised with photographs of you and your employees, you have a way better chance of making your client feel like they’re interacting with real people, not just a series of codes on the interwebs (which is all a website actually is, remember!).

By having a cohesive set of images that belong together, you’re creating a vibe which is all part of your brand.  Whether it’s through, colour, style, emotion, or something else altogether, images tell stories when placed in certain contexts.  What stories do you want to tell your ideal client?

Picture perfect posts

Make sure to include images in your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts; engagement and visibility levels rocket up by around 150% on average compared to posts without pictures.  When the life of a social media post is so short, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Text that is accompanied by an image has a far better retention rate as the picture quite literally stays in your mind and the information tags along with it. 

Marvellous mailers

Recent studies have shown that the average attention span has fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in the year 2000.  It’s official people, we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish! 

So how can you keep people engaged with your content before they’ve hit the ‘back’ button, or have fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole instead?  Say hello to yet more images, my friends!  Break up the monotony of paragraphs of text in your monthly mail-shots with relevant photographs to make your content more readable, enjoyable and ultimately keep users engaged with your business for longer, making them more likely to reach the end of your article and maybe even invest with you.

Say hello to sales!

Buying is often more of an emotional decision than a practical one.  Images cannot help but create an emotional response within people – just think of first impressions, gut feelings, and love at first sight!  Your imagery is all about influencing the way your ideal client thinks about you and your business, product or service.

Use photographs on your sales and landing pages, engage with the consumer and create the
desired emotional response.  You can also use images to help guide your ideal client’s eyes to what you’d really like them to see, leading them to the key wording, the link to click or the box to tick.

In the words of Simple Minds, “Don’t you forget about me…”

Pop a photo of yourself into your email signature and on your business card to help people remember who you are.  Think of all those networking events that pass by in a blur where you end up with a stack of cards with no idea of who half of these people are (were they definitely even there though?!).  Even if you don’t remember a name, you’re way more likely to remember a face, and it also makes that follow-up email a bit less awkward!

Happy days!  There you have it, five easy sure-fire ways personal branding photography can boost your business!  How have you used images most successfully in your business?  I’d love for you to let me know on social media. 

If you’d like to talk more about how you can up-level your imagery and take your brand to the next step, drop me a message and let’s dream up a plan!

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