Brand photo-shoot in Leicester - healer & author - Dr. Anne Whitehouse

Meet Anne - scientist, healer, author, thought-leader, and female power alchemist! A former metallurgical engineer, the strain of succeeding in the good old ‘boys’ club’ world caused her to spiral into burnout 25 years ago. Since then, she’s spent two decades unravelling the hidden power dynamic that undermines women – and has developed a unique solution. Her work integrates the worlds of scientific analysis, subconscious reprogramming and subtle energies to ultimately free women from the deep-seated roots that cause our visibility fears, the gender confidence gap, imposter syndrome and holding back instead of shining.

“We know we’re meant to be the game-changers, the leaders and the pioneers – we’re more than good enough. But there is still something missing. Why do we hold back? Why do we feel like imposters? Why can we not speak up sometimes? Why do we burn out? Why do we feel this deep-down yearning and a dissatisfaction that we can’t pin down? Why do so many of us end up leaving the careers and professions we love? History has deprived us of our TRUE POWER. That’s why we need to pull back our power and rebuild the power foundation that has been forbidden to us for so long. That’s why we need to detach from male default, release millennia of conditioning and make it safe to rediscover our full female power. Only then can we embody our highest vision in the world. This is Female Power Alchemy in action.”

We spent a glorious September day together, taking beautiful new photographs as part of Anne’s rebrand. The feel and aesthetic for this new venture had come to Anne quite clearly - warmth, beauty, an expression of feminine energy and confidence, a modern take on the Renaissance meets Ancient Greece, and a little bit of magic(!) - it was up to me to take inspiration from those themes and ideas and weave them into a fabulous photo-shoot. It was a pleasure to capture some of Anne’s wonderful energy on camera and to communicate that sense of confidence, freedom, support, warmth, femininity, and the uniqueness of Anne and her story through her images. 

Here’s what Anne had to say about her shoot: “Karina took great care to understand me, my business, and what I wanted to convey. Her methodical process leading up to our shoot was helpful to me to distill down my own thoughts. On the day of the shoot, we had a whole lot of fun! She made me feel relaxed, gave me clear direction, and like a consummate professional made everything feel easy and effortless. The finished photos far exceeded my expectations, and had managed to capture my initial vision perfectly. Karina is engaging, friendly, hilarious on occasion, and an utter genius with her camera. I can’t recommend her and her branding photography highly enough! 🌟

It’s been a joy celebrating you and creating beautiful photographs for you, Anne, thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey. x

Find out more about Anne and the fascinating work she does over on her website.

See more from Anne’s stunning shoot below:

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