Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - coach - Tara Trautman

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.” - Marianne Williamson

Meet Tara - a mindset and self-compassion coach for women. Tara uses meditation, yoga, and sound therapy amongst other tools to help women “ignite fierce self-love”.

“I’m Tara; a mum and a woman devoted to helping other mums like you rise through life difficulties – emotional overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self-love (even when it seems impossible). I lead online workshops, and provide 1:1 coaching that integrates eastern and western holistic practices to help you learn to reconnect with yourself in a loving way so that you can enjoy and thrive throughout motherhood and life! It’s time to prioritise yourself… what do you need? Because Mothering is the most important job on the planet!”

We spent a glorious golden, October day together taking beautiful new photos as part of Tara’s rebrand in line with her passion and purpose. Tara just radiates positivity, love, compassion and empathy; it was a treat to capture some of this infectious energy on camera. Sunshine, showers, crystals, meditation, yoga, jackets to die for, and dancing in the street (literally! Scroll down to see!).

Thank you, Tara, for inviting me into your wonderful world and for entrusting your vision to me and my camera. I’m so excited to see where your journey takes you next. x

Curious to find out more about Tara and the work she does? Tara’s created a beautiful self-compassion meditation specifically for mothers that’s available to download today! You can grab it here.

See more from Tara’s beautiful shoot below:

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