Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - life & marriage coach - Frida Howard

Meet Frida - a life and marriage coach for mums. Frida is so passionate about working with women to get unstuck and find more joy in their life and relationships.

“I have always processed my anger with numbing how I feel and avoiding it until it exploded, or with unhealthy venting to my friends while I drowned in self-pity. I wondered if there was a better way of going about it. I didn’t realise that by doing this, I was harming myself more than ever; I thought people were the problem. But I learnt people weren’t the problem, and the problem was how I processed my anger. I finally found freedom in my life when I learned to manage my anger and negative emotions, and I vowed to help others learn how to manage their anger. Anyone can do it if they have the right help.”

We spent a glorious July day (finally(!) after postponements thanks to Covid and Boris!) together taking stunning new photos for Frida’s website and social media as she put herself at the forefront of her bold and bodacious business. Frida radiates fun, warmth, glamour, vivacity, and she has the most infectious laugh EVER! It was such a pleasure to step into her world and capture her energy on camera.

Thank you, Frida, for inviting me to join you on your journey and for entrusting your vision to me and my camera. I’m so excited to see where it takes you next 🧡

Curious to find out more about Frida? Check out her Instagram for marriage truths and top tips galore!

See more from Frida’s beautiful shoot below:

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