Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - property developer & landlord coach - Rebecca, Property Girl

Meet Rebecca - founder, CEO and property developing QUEEN, of ‘Property Girl’. Rebecca is passionate about raising the standards of accommodation, the transformational power of property, and supporting women on their journey to becoming badass landlords.

“Property is in my DNA. It’s my passion, my first love and how I spent my weekends, even as a child. ⁣My brother and I would tag along with my dad, visiting building sites, racing to the top of the biggest pile of muck declaring ourselves king or queen of the castle, we’d ride the diggers and dumpers (probably the reason why I still get excited when I drive by JCB!), but my absolute favourite was sitting with my dad in the kitchen on a Winter’s day designing floor plans. Yep, drawing a floor plan was one of the very first things I learnt how to draw (probably the reason why I can’t draw much more than that, stick men, and a typical child’s drawing of a house! Anything with a ruler! 🙈)⁣. Property in one way or another has been my love, my passion, something which, despite venturing off in other directions, I’ve always found myself gravitating back to. I just love it and it’s why I do what I do!!⁣”

I’ve had the privilege to capture Rebecca’s infectious energy, drive and passion TWICE now as this summer we reunited for her second branding shoot with me. This follow-on shoot was all about doubling down on what makes Rebecca unique, what engages her community most in terms of her social content and imagery and creating more of it, and when she messaged me saying, “I’ve had an idea, I’ve seen this photo with a bath full of balloons….” I knew it was going to be a shoot like no other!

Cosy jumpers (in June!), green smoothies, a kitchen of absolute dreams, all the summer holiday vibes, and that famous bath full of balloons (yes, really!). It was pure joy to collaborate with this whirlwind of a woman again. Thank you, Rebecca, for trusting me with your bold new vision, I’m so excited to see where your journey takes you next. x

Curious to find out more about Rebecca and the wonderful world of property? Check out her Instagram here, join the conversation, and get ready for all the best top tips on how to become a landlord queen.

See more from Rebecca’s gorgeous shoot below:

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