Brand photo-shoot in Nottinghamshire - interior designer - Natalie Gisborne

Meet Natalie - interior designer, renovator, educator, cheerleader, creative entrepreneur, Mama, ‘woo’ loving Francophile and BFF (the one who brings the good snacks). Natalie is the founder of ‘Home Envy Members Club’ and she’s so passionate about helping DIY designers and renovators design beautiful homes with no judgement.

“I know how important it is to create a home that you love, for a family that you treasure. A place for all those magical moments and memories that you’ll create. I adore helping gorgeous women get totally clear creating elevated designs and beautiful homes 🏡 I absolutely love saving them stress (and money) getting it all figured out with ease.”

We spent a glorious September day together taking beautiful new photos as part of Natalie’s rebrand as she put herself at the forefront of her bold and bodacious business. Natalie radiates fun, warmth, style and empathy, and she has so much passion for what she does. It was a pleasure to step into her world and capture the love she has for her job, the clients she supports, her family, all things France(!), and her four legged friends!

Thank you, Natalie, for inviting me to join you on your journey and for entrusting your vision to me and my camera. I’m so excited to see where it takes you next. x

Curious to find out more about Natalie and the wonderful work she does? Check out her Instagram here and prepare your heart for more design tips, tricks and inspiration than you can shake a stick at!

See more from Natalie’s gorgeous shoot below:

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