Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - we are radikl - Sarah King & Claire Dunn

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” – unknown

I’m super excited to share some of my favourite, favourite photos from my latest shoot with the amazing Sarah and Claire of ‘we are radikl’. Those sticky summer days seem a long time ago now but we spent one of those glorious days together, chasing on-brand graffiti, clean, contemporary vibes, fun, quirks and unabashed confidence as we created beautiful new photographs for their promotion.

Sarah and Claire are on a mission to support 6000 women as they start and scale their businesses by 2025. Offering an e-learning hub, an online community and a membership for those who want to dive deeper along with a whole host of resources for business and self-care, ‘we are radikl’ is all about re-defining what it means to run a lifestyle business and to design a work-life you love.

“As female founders, we’ve got work to do. If we’re going to raise our big ideas out of the ground – if we’re going to change the game, blaze a trail and pave the way for the ones who follow, we’re going to need fierce, fearless, focused support. And we’re going to need each other. That’s what We Are Radikl is all about. Bringing women together to achieve incredible things. Sharing tools that help us tackle whatever comes our way. And building strong, sustainable, human businesses that help us all lead lives we really love.”

As we worked together to design their photo-shoot it was important to capture their sense of fun and their interpretation of throwing out the rule book and being their authentic selves. We wanted to capture their own growth in confidence from where their business started just over 12 months ago. Their new images needed to reflect their core values - radical knowhow, radical inspiration, radical connection, and radical kindness. 

We needed to be truly ‘radikl’.

We shared a fantastic day together, full of energy and enthusiasm and the best trousers EVER! (Thank you, Claire!). ‘we are radikl’ are going to be a big noise and I feel so privileged to have joined you both on your journey. Big love. x

See more from their beautiful shoot, below:

Curious to find out more about Sarah and Claire? Check them out on Instagram here and join the conversation! 

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