Camera shy? What to do

Hands up who likes having their photo taken?

It’s something I often ask when I’m speaking publicly about my work.  For a couple, their hands are straight up, no fear.  For some, they nervously look around before inching their hand up slowly.  Others just laugh, but for most, there’s a look of complete terror!

Having doubts and fears about how you’ll come across on camera is absolutely normal.  But don’t let them stand in the way of you stepping into your power and shining in front of the lens.

Here are my top tips on how you can help overcome those photo-shoot nerves:

1. Find a photographer whose work you absolutely love, when you see their images you just think, “I want to look that good, that happy, that confident, that AMAZING!”

2. Speak to your prospective photographer - you’ll get a gut feeling about how you feel in conversation with them - do you feel comfortable?  This is super important as you’ll be working closely with your photographer throughout the whole process so being able to get on well with, relate to and trust your photographer is essential.

3. Raise your concerns with your photographer so they’re aware from the beginning that you’re out of your comfort zone and that this is a big deal.  This will help your photographer design the shoot to best suit you.

4. On the day of your shoot, if your photographer doesn’t suggest it, ask if you can start by not looking at the camera to feel your way into the process of having your picture taken.

5. Act. Create a character in your mind of who you are at your best.  The highlight of my amateur pantomime career was playing the role of Peter Pan.  That was when I was 17.  But I’ve played Peter Pan several times since; whenever I had a university presentation to give, whenever I speak publicly, whenever I get behind or in front of the camera.  So who are you at your best?   Are you super confident? Really happy?  Really friendly?  Really approachable?  Empowered?  Sparkly?  And then embody it.  Think of these words and keep them in mind if you feel awkward or unsure.  Fake it ‘til you make it.

You’ll be bossing it before you know it.

If you’d like to conquer fears and celebrate the very best of you and your business, get in touch and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.  Simply book in your no-obligation pre-shoot consultation call here, and let’s dream up a plan!

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