Let’s talk about: SUCCESS

Can we talk about success for a minute?

What does success mean to you? Success is a funny old word isn’t it? It’s a word that can make us feel elated, excited, motivated, or it can make us feel awkward, boastful, and sometimes even unworthy. When we’re busy dreaming big and setting exciting goals, it can be super easy to fall into the trap of thinking success is some distant utopia sitting just a little bit out of reach. “I’ll be successful when…” Hands up who’s resonating with this?

This year I’m redefining what success is to me and instead of thinking of far off checkpoints on my journey, I’m thinking more about how I want to feel and how I want my clients to feel after they’ve worked with me. I’ve chosen three words of what success looks like to me; one of those words is: FUN.

When someone leaves a shoot and says they had fun, that’s success to me, even more so if they were super nervous beforehand. When someone comments on an Instagram photo from a shoot I’ve just completed and says that it looks like my client and I had wicked fun on their shoot, AMAZING, that’s success to me.

Success does not have to be a series of bucket list ticks; it can be anything you want it to be. Only you get to define what success looks like to you.

“Your path is beautiful and crooked and just as it should be.” – anon.

What does success mean to you? Come and join the conversation over on Instagram and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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