Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - coach & podcaster - Mary Baird

There’s something about Mary…

Meet Mary - undercover superhero, business coach, and podcast host extraordinaire. Mary has one goal with her company, The Simplifiers: to help people simplify their lives.

“Whether you’re not sure how to manage your crazy-busy schedule or just need a little help with the daily grind, I created The Simplifiers and the Super Mentor Academy in response to the overwhelming feeling that life is moving at lightning speed these days and well, we all need a little help now and then.”

With a passion for education and helping people, Mary is a corporate event planner, public speaker, podcast host and mentor for other event professionals all over the world.  She’s all about the FUN, empowering others, and taco socks (yes, really!).

Working together, we dived deep into what it is that makes Mary tick, as well as how she wants her brand to come across and the stories she wants to tell.  A fun-loving Texas girl, we made the most of her office space, explored the streets of beautiful old Nottingham, and set up camp in one of the city’s quirky coffee shops to capture Mary’s wild spirit.

It was a blast working with this absolute whirlwind of a woman! Thank you, Mary, for inviting me to join you on your journey, I’m so excited to see where it takes you! x

See more from her glorious shoot, below:

I wasn’t joking about the taco socks!

Find out more about Mary and the amazing work she does, here.

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