Brand photo-shoot in Nottingham - proofreader & copywriter - Ros Horsley

What a glorious day I had taking wonderful Ros’ new personal branding photographs in Nottingham city centre.  Ros is a proofreader and copywriter; the ‘it girl’, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s! 

Together we dreamed up a plan of how her new photographs would look.  We delved deep into who it is that she’s looking to connect with, how she wants to come across to her ideal clients, along with her passions and what it is that makes Ros, distinctly Ros!  Each location meant something different, whether it’s feeling inspired in her favourite workspace, admiring the history of old Nottingham, or embracing her passion for food and sampling croissants to die for at a tapas restaurant! 

Through the process, Ros asked questions of herself and her business, which weren’t always easy to answer.  But with conversation and sharing inspiration, she found clarity around the identity of her business and where she’s heading moving forwards. 

“Your input and infinite patience is invaluable.”

Ros embraced her authenticity, her personality, her fun, her quirkiness, her passions and she shone in front of the camera. It was such a pleasure to create photographs with her.

“Karina totally understood the aim and objectives of the project and
added ideas of her own for a truly unique collection. Thank you.”

Check out Ros’ beautiful new website, here!

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