Styling tips for your personal branding photo-shoot!

So, you’re all booked in for an amazing personal branding shoot but then the wardrobe crisis strikes! Sound familiar? Yep, I’ve totally been there!  “What do I wear? Does that even suit me? Does that even fit me?!”

When it comes to styling, the most important thing is to be yourself,
but to wear something you look and feel great in! This is an opportunity
to have some fun! Remember, this is a celebration of the best of you and your business. 

But don’t let the ‘business’ element get lost, ultimately you want to wear outfits that you’re happy for your dream clients to see you in.  So ask yourself, “who is my dream client, and how do I want to come across to them?”  Keep this question in the back of your mind and read on for some tips on clothing and colour combinations to help you get the most out of your personal branding shoot.

VARIETY – Bring an assortment of clothing types (long and short sleeves, jumpers, shirts, jeans and trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets etc.), the more you have available to play with and choose from, the better! You don’t want look back and think, “If only I’d taken that jacket!” Different clothing options add depth and dimension to the whole shoot right away, so it’s always best to bring too much rather than too little.

LOGOS AND GRAPHICS – The aim of a personal branding shoot is to create timeless portraits.  So bold, brash and overpowering logos and graphics are not only distracting but can also date your photographs very quickly (I promise you, Superdry won’t be fashionable forever!) So try to avoid logos and graphics where possible.

ACCESSORIES – Bring scarves, jackets, hats, jewellery, anything that you feel adds personality. Remember, personal branding photography is all about capturing YOU!

All the necklace envy!

SHOES – If you’re shooting on location and plan to wear fancy shoes (tell me all about your collection of outrageous shoes, I’m all ears!), make sure to bring a pair of comfy shoes with you that will allow you to walk from one location to the next. Nothing ruins photos like sore feet!

COUPLES AND TEAMS – It looks great if outfits complement each other. We’re not talking matching shirts, let’s leave the cringe well alone!  But teaming similar colours or colour temperatures together works really well and looks super classy. For example, cool colours, warm colours, or good old reliable monochrome!

DARKER COLOURS – Generally draw more attention to the subject’s face and are more slimming. This doesn’t mean however, that you should wear all black! Be creative with patterns, shades of navy, burgundy and grey.

BRIGHT COLOURS – Draw attention away from the face. Using them as a feature colour to accentuate an outfit is great and can help inject personality, but it’s probably best to leave your neon and tie-dye clothes at home! In particular, steer well clear of any colours that might reflect on to skin, for example, a bright pink or orange - these can change a person’s skin tone completely.

BE PRACTICAL – Dress warmly and have comfortable shoes available. You know what the UK weather is like; it could change at any moment, even on the warmest of days! Be prepared and bring a fun jacket or scarf to keep warm between shots, or even to wear in the photos! If you’re comfortable, the camera can pick it up (and vice versa), and I guarantee you’ll have more fun during the shoot!

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