KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer

Three top tips for taking your own summer branding photos!

With summer holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about social media content and the photos you can take on your travels (especially if your brand has a summery style and personality). It’s time to make the most of long days, good light, all that colour, beautiful spaces and glowy skin. Here are three tiny tips to take top photos:

1. Think about your brand and what would feel appropriate to you and your ideal client – is it a photo of quintessentially British beach huts, delicious summer drinks, the barnstorming good book you’re reading on the beach, you, paddling in the sea as the sun goes down? What are the things you talk about frequently, what would your ideal client expect to see from you?

2. Keep your photos simple – scroll-stopping images have a clear focus within them. Try isolating your subject within the picture, so if you’re photographing beach huts, photograph the beach huts, not the pylon next to them. Remember, when it comes to taking photos on your phone, the best zoom lens you have is your feet.

3. Avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight as it causes harsh shadows, is unflattering and makes us squint. If there’s shade around or it’s a cloudy day make the most of it! Overcast days are the stuff of dreams, I promise you! For the most flattering light for portraits, try ‘golden hour’, the hour that encompasses sunset; it’s soft, warm light and super flattering.

So there you have it! A few easy-peasy tips to set you on your way to creating beautiful summery content while you’re enjoying some downtime – multitasking at its finest, my friends!

I’d love to know if that’s helpful for you. Does it spark ideas of the kinds of photos you can take while away on holiday? Drop me a DM on Instagram and let me know!

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