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Why business and pleasure DO go together

MARKETING BOMBSHELL #1: Business and pleasure DO go together

When people feel attached to you and not just your business, that’s super powerful. People are buying from YOU – not because you’re the only person on the internet selling what it is you do, but because you’re you. So, the good news? You don’t need to hide your life from your social media feed. People will connect with you more if they can get a sense of who you are, what you value, and how you spend your time.

“But why is my personal life relevant?” I hear you ask. Creating areas of connection with your followers beyond what you sell is so important, because if people connect with you on these kinds of posts, they’ll see your sales pitch and are way more likely to act on it.

And remember, your tribe are only going to know what you tell them, so what do you want to be known for? Your love of dogs? Your obsession with The Killers? (Hello!) Your dedication to promoting causes you believe in?

One of my favourite things to do is to incorporate people’s interests into their brand photo-shoot. And it can be on any scale – from practising yoga at home, to simply eating croissants in the sunshine at a favourite restaurant – your shoot is all about you, it can be anything you want it to be.

My challenge to you?

Work out a few of the things you want people to know about you that are unrelated to what you sell and then post about them consistently on social media, weave them into your website and mailing list copy and create conversations.

Friends, you’re building your brand.

Is that helpful for you? Come and join the conversation over on Instagram and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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