Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new privacy policy!

Why a privacy policy?

If you’re here it means you care about your privacy and the recent GDPR legislation which I totally respect.  But I’m going try and make this as painless (and as entertaining, while you’re here) as possible so that you can get back to the more interesting pages of my website and we can do all sorts of exciting things like planning your next kick-ass photo-shoot! 

So, drum roll please… here is Karina Lyburn’s GDPR compliant privacy policy:

Personal data I collect

I collect your name so I don’t have to call you Sir/Madam (that would be awkward on a photo-shoot). I collect your email address so I can communicate with you, your mobile number or/and Zoom/Skype username so we can plan your shoot and so that I can also arrange to meet you for your photo-shoot. I also collect your address (either home or/and business), as sometimes your photo-shoot might be based at work or at home.  All of this is necessary for me to do my job.

Do photographs of faces count as personal data?  Some say yes, some say no.  But unless you’re intending to represent your brand and business with a photograph of an onion wearing a mask of John Lennon (we might get into trouble for other reasons if we do that), then I’m going to need to photograph your face.

How I collect and keep your personal data

If you contact me through the contact form on my website, or if you book a call with me via the links and jazzy calls to action throughout my website, your contact information arrives in an email inbox that is password-protected with a password that doesn’t contain my birthday date or the name of my favourite pet.  If we met at a networking event and did the old business card swap game, your business card will have hopped into a pretty folder (my folders are always pretty) in my house behind a double-locked door (if that’s not enough, I have a Lion-Dog to guard your data). 

If you enquire but choose not to book me, I’m happy to delete all of your personal data from my records if you so wish.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

In all seriousness, if you have any questions about how your personal data is handled, you’re welcome to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to alleviate any concerns you may have. I’m happy to show you the information I have on you, and I expect it’ll come as no surprise that it’ll probably be exactly the data you have already provided me with, because thankfully I’m not a 00 agent and don’t exist in a James Bond movie.

If any of the information is incorrect, you have the right to correct it.  Neither of us wants me to plan your shoot with a total stranger, so if you find any mistakes please do correct them.

If you’d like me to delete all of your personal data, you have the right to request it, but I wouldn’t recommend asking for that before your photo-shoot as it might make the planning process a little on the tricky side!  I need to know some information about you in order for me to work for you! When your shoot is complete and photos supplied, I can delete your contact information if you so wish.  I do recommend granting me permission to retain your email address for the duration of time that I have photographs of you in case I need to contact you about your images and how they might be used (that Vogue business feature is just around the corner, I know it!).

Use of your data

Long story short, I like to think we can employ a little common sense.  I will email you about anything related to the planning of your beautiful photo-shoot.  If there’s something related to your shoot, for instance, if you showed interest in booking with me but it wasn’t the right time and then I choose to run an amazing special offer, I might email you about that too if it’s good news and I think you’ll like it.  If there’s something unrelated to your shoot, but related to something we actually spoke about, like your top tips to make the most of the Mojave Desert, I may well email you about that too.

Bottom line?  I won’t give your email address out to anyone else without your consent – that includes any assistants I might be working with if arranged for your shoot.  I also won’t be sending you lots of newsletters and marketing emails (never fear, to be part of my future mailing list will be a totally separate two-step opt-in process).

I have a questionnaire that I’ll send to you before your photo-shoot that asks you for more information about your business, your brand,your hopes, aspirations and wildest dreams that lives solely on my password-protected laptop.

Phone / Skype / Zoom calls are not recorded (unless previously agreed for a specific purpose such as an interview or podcast), and anything discussed during those calls is kept confidential and will only be used to help plan the best photo-shoot for you.

After your photo-shoot, I might ask you for a testimonial or a few nice words that I can use on my website or in future marketing.  You aren’t obliged to supply anything, but if you do only your first name (unless agreed) will be displayed alongside it. 

All information I request from you is entirely voluntary.

Use of your face-based data

When it comes to your photographs, the EU hasn’t specified what that means for working photographers except that we need to demonstrate a reasonable and legitimate use.  What I can tell you is that I assure you I won’t sell your photographs to be used for any third-party commercial purpose (remember Joey and the VD poster?  Fear not, that won’t be happening here!).  If anybody approaches me and asks to use or purchase one of your images, I’ll email you about it. 

The first time you'll see the finished photographs from your shoot will be on an online password-protected gallery with a gallery provider that is GDPR compliant.  This is so you can choose your favourite images from your photo-shoot that you’d like to have cosmetic retouching.  It’s up to you if you choose to share that password with others so they can see how amazing you look in your photos, but I will keep that password confidential at all times unless you express consent for me to share it for a specific purpose. 

There are a few things I do to run my business, such as showing my work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and my own website.  If you have booked me, the chances are you saw my images of my real-life inspirational clients owning it in front of the camera, on one or more of these platforms. Using images from a shoot for my marketing purposes is specified in my photographic agreement, but as of May 25th I’ll be asking all clients if they’re happy to opt in to this as part of that contract.  You can decide to keep your images private (though most people book me because they aren’t visible enough, rather than the other way around!), either way I’ll respect your wishes.

I’ve had plenty of clients come back to me days, weeks, months and years down the line saying they’ve misplaced their images.  I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you to learn that the photographs from your shoot are stored on hard drives in my house behind a double-locked door (and the Lion-Dog, don’t forget).

We made it!

I hope all of that has lessened any concerns you may have.  I guess all you really need to know is that I’m a nice photographer who just wants to be able to do my job as best I can and who won’t abuse your privacy rights.

And of course, if you have any questions, just whizz me an email here and I’d be glad to help.

Now let’s get back to the fun stuff…

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