KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer


  1. 3 things to remember when shooting bands

    Date 14 Apr 2017
    So you’re off to shoot a band!?  Fantastic!  There’s so much technical information that I could talk about, but shooting a gig is really down to individual interpretation.  How do you want to capture the show?  No two photographers will ever document a gig in the same way, that’s what’s

  2. Black & white photography, why I love it

    Date 07 Apr 2017
    In a world where we take millions of digital photographs every day, why do I love black and white photography so much?  I thought I’d write a bit of a love letter to monochrome imagery and share some of my favourite black and white photographs with you. Black and white…

  3. 5 reasons to hire a make-up artist for your personal branding shoot

    Date 16 Mar 2017
    Ladies!  How great do you feel on a GOOD hair and make-up day?  For me, it’s when my eyeliner’s spot on, I know I can take on the world!  When it comes to your personal branding shoot, I would always recommend hiring a professional make-up artist to get the most

  4. The portrait shoot that changed everything!

    Date 09 Mar 2017
    Let’s start at the very beginning; it’s a very good place to start… I want to take you back in time, eight years in time to be precise! To my ‘A Level’ Photography course. I was busy pairing bright yellow Converse with the brightest of blue jeans, and of course,…

  5. 5 top tips to prep for your personal branding shoot

    Date 24 Feb 2017
    Personal branding photo-shoots are all about celebrating the very best of you and your business.  So I want you to look and feel at your most sparkly best.  Here are a few super easy things that you can do in advance, to help make the whole process easier, and ultimately

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