KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer


  1. Copenhagen calling!

    Date 01 Sep 2017
    Hola! I’m back from the most amazing summer excursion to Copenhagen, capital city of the second happiest country in the world! I can’t remember when I first became interested in visiting Copenhagen.  Maybe it was a family friend telling me, “you’d LOVE Copenhagen, it’s so beautiful and so clean.”  Or…

  2. Ros - Personal branding in Nottingham

    Date 30 Jun 2017
    What a glorious day I had taking wonderful Ros’ new personal branding photographs in Nottingham city centre a few weeks ago.  Ros is a proofreader and copywriter; the ‘it girl’, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!  Together we dreamed up a plan of how her new photographs would look. …

  3. Tom Chaplin, ‘Carried by the Wave’ Tour

    Date 28 May 2017
    I had the best time photographing the brilliant, Tom Chaplin the other week as he rolled on into Leicester to perform his ‘Carried by the Wave’ show at Leicester De Montfort Hall. Gigs are always exciting and great fun to photograph, but some shows become bookmarks in the mind and…

  4. Inspired by Steve Judge’s amazing story

    Date 12 May 2017
    Image Source: www.triathloninspires.com When it comes to writing blog posts, someone once told me to, “write about what inspires you.”  Well I was certainly inspired after meeting Steve Judge at a networking event a few days ago. Told that he may never walk again after a near-fatal car accident in…

  5. Loves: The Sting

    Date 30 Apr 2017
    So it was my birthday a few days ago! Hello there, mid-twenties! I rounded off a wonderful day by settling down with a top-notch meal and my favourite film - The Sting. Starring Paul Newman (who else, I mean, really?!) and Robert Redford - the dream team - it’s a…

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