KARINA LYBURN | Personal Branding Photographer


  1. How to use images more effectively on your website

    Date 20 Apr 2018
    You’ve heard all about the need to have photographs on your website, right?  But having knockout photographs is only half the story.  When you pair these photos with a real strategy, that’s when the magic happens.  It’s no secret that using photographs well on a website is great for your…

  2. Top tips for better health and wellbeing for business owners

    Date 06 Apr 2018
    Tomorrow is World Health Day.  Whilst I’m super active on photo-shoots running about and finding all the angles (you’re not taking a good photo unless you’re in the stupidest most contorted position possible, trust me!), there are plenty of days spent in front of a computer processing photographs and also…

  3. #marchmeetthemaker - the power of photography

    Date 23 Mar 2018
    March is the month of the ’Meet the Maker’ series on social media.  It’s a series that runs throughout March and is designed for creative entrepreneurs to tell their audience the behind the scenes story of them and their business on social media.  With prompts for posts, such as: Day

  4. Camera shy? What to do

    Date 02 Mar 2018
    Hands up who likes having their photo taken? It’s something I often ask when I’m speaking publicly about my work.  For a couple, their hands are straight up, no fear.  For some, they nervously look around before inching their hand up slowly.  Others just laugh, but for most, there’s a…

  5. Where does the personal end and the brand begin?

    Date 16 Feb 2018
    So, one question that seems to come up a lot with personal branding and social media is, “Where does the personal end and the brand begin?” The truth is that you are your brand.  You are your own USP.  Sure, there are plenty of people doing the same ‘thing’ as…

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